What Makes A Research Proposal Look Like?

It would be best if you realized that writing academic papers is not something that most students get used to. For one to write a winning research proposal, you must take more time. You must ensure that you handle this task with keenness before you start the actual writing process.

You must demonstrate that you understand the importance of your project before you commence its writing process. Remember, you are the one in charge of this task as you are providing the research proposal guidelines for students to follow. If you fail to compose a brilliant research proposal, you might not get the opportunity to graduate with flying colors.

A research proposal looks like this:


It is the first line of the introduction section that informs the reader about the topic you are looking to write about. It would be best if you provide a proper topic. Ensure that it fits the topic by supporting it with credible information. Ensure that you narrow down the scope of the investigation to a specific place or task.


An abstract, also known as an intro, is the most significant section of your research proposal. The abstract section contains only two paragraphs, which are summarized here:

  1. An overview of the entire research proposal
  2. The research scope overview

When writing this section, you must expound on the main objective of the said study.

The paper’s structure

Writing a research proposal is similar to writing any other academic piece. The formatting style to use is the same as in academic writing. In other words, you have to follow a standard outline for academic documents. The only difference is that you should capture all the necessary information in the introduction section. The body, which is a significant part of your research proposal, also follows a specific standard structure.

Ensure that the chapters are structured correctly to ensure that you present nothing but relevant data in them. Be quick to cite sources used to cite the sources used in the sources section of the body paragraphs.

The conclusion

It is the section that summarizes your entire research proposal. Here, you provide a summary of all the arguments that you have presented in the introduction section.

The writing process

Once you are through with the above sections, the next thing will be to write the research proposal. Here is how to do that:

Organize your content

You can start with an outline to organize your thoughts. You can also include brief notes when drafting the final text. Ensure that you know how to use different formatting styles to ensure that your paper is clearly written. Ensure that you edit the final content before you submit it to your instructor.

Use proofreading tools to ensure that you have eliminated all the grammatical and spelling mistakes in your document. You can also check for any plagiarism and avoid such cases.

Once you are done, you can send the report to the relevant sources. This will provide them with a clear understanding of the research proposal’s basic structure. From there, they will be able to help you write your actual document.

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