In Philosophy Dissertation Students Must Address Only a Theme that Deals with Philosophy Subject Usually students must submit a philosophy dissertation at universities and institutes. A dissertation must include a philosophical theme. No sociological topics are allowed. That’s if you are not entirely sure if your research paper topic is dedicated to the philosophy subject then ask your supervisor to check it out or ask him to give you a list of permissible topics. And if your topic is not approved then ask for an alternative essay topic. Make sure the topic you’ve chosen is really worth investigations and it’s interesting to you.

Think if it will be interesting for readers. Your essay topic shouldn’t be boring. The second what you have to do, prior submitting your dissertation topic to the committee for approval, is the search of all suitable reading materials. If you don’t know what literature will be appropriate to your theme then consult the instructor or go to the library and in philosophical department look for readings. You may also download necessary books from internet. Start to prepare all necessary material for your dissertation beforehand because philosophy dissertation is a lengthy work (about 5000-8000 words), bibliography is not included to the general number of pages. Remember that to write philosophy dissertation takes a long period that’s why don’t start to write it in a quick burst just before deadline. If your supervisor asks you to complete some part of the dissertation and you don’t bring the written parts of the dissertation on time. Then he might reprimand you. And if there is no reaction from your side then he has the right to refuse to cooperate with you. Before writing the dissertation make an outline. It will help you a lot in arranging the dissertation structure. Make sure you have an introduction, the main body with few paragraphs and sub-paragraphs and the conclusion.

In the introduction write the main theses, the goals of your research, methods that are used in your dissertation. The main body of the research paper should uncover the topic. Using citations will make your dissertation more attractive and convincing. But remember that the main point of the dissertation is your own research that’s why misuse of the citations is not greeted. You should also make transitions from one paragraph to the other so you work will be logical and consistent. In the summary write the conclusions, think if you managed to reach the putted goals and solve the definite problems. If there are any possible future investigations then point them out in your conclusion. Some students are pressed for time not only for the philosophy dissertation but even for /essay writing that’s why they usually buy essay , dissertation, term paper at