Introduction -in this section, please write something about your research. Tell your story in different words, for example if you are a research assistant, please give a little background on yourself. What makes you interested in the topic, and why you chose to do it in the first place? Background information this is important, so tell us what you discovered about the research. Make your introduction interesting for your reader, show them your research philosophy and why you chose to go with this project. You could add information that you think could be of interest to your reader. Scientific literature review people don’t know what research you are about to do, but when you search for information you can find it, so, tell us more about how you will manage with that? If this is the case, you can tell us more about what information you found in your research and what other information you think can be of any help to your research. The purpose of the research when writing this section, please understand what research your article is about. What is your objective? Are you looking to solve a problem, is it knowledge-wise, theoretical, or someone else’s, that you need to solve? It is always good to remember, that this is the section you will give some value to, so always have a little side for this section. Implications of your study here you tell us about how your research will have a positive influence on knowledge, making us better in general, and maybe one day someone can use your knowledge. When it comes to writing the abstract, what is the most typical way of writing it? Please draw a picture of yourself. Give a photo that can be a personality sketch, your picture. It is always good to show some personal data that’s unique and which can be used in your research. Be creative in your research, you need to write a lot of ideas and critical thinking, so please be creative. When you want to make a unique paragraph, please try to think like an author, so just try to give your ideas in good words and your mind can focus on the research for this reason. Always remember to proofread your work, understand that you need to submit your work to your lecturer to see what errors you have. Don’t just copy and paste, understand that you need to proofread it Always be ready to change your topic if you find an interesting one. Be creative, manage with everything, and, most important, understand that you are writing for other people, so don’t be the joker. Remember, if you are making a research, you should always have an idea for what you are doing, as long as you don’t intend to pass this around.

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