The preparation of the introduction of the problem in writing an essay does not end there.

After the introduction, it is necessary to formulate theses and select arguments for the main part. Take your time.

Do not delay work at the last moment. Download a finished essay from the network in a couple of minutes is unlikely to succeed.

Brainstorm. Just write down on a piece of paper all ideas about your problem.

Sample. Now pick up your scribbled sheet and meticulously select the arguments you will use.

Structuring. Usually, the main idea of ​​each item is one thesis, which is revealed and confirmed.

Documentary. If possible, use official documents or articles that support your point of view. Try to make the last sentence of each paragraph a passage to a new argument. These rules for writing essays are suitable for texts affecting any problems.

The final part should summarize what is written in the main part. The conclusions should relate to the issues identified in the introductory part. Conclusions should be based on the theses considered in the main part. In conclusion, no new data has to be introduced. The findings should be brief. Conclusions should not literally repeat the sentences of the main part.

Try to organize yourself. If that doesn’t work, ask a relative or friend to help you. Let them make sure that nothing bothers you or distracts you (TV, desire to drink tea, unwashed dishes, etc.) Then you will have nothing to justify yourself, and you will get to work. Substantive errors. This view lies in the purely technical plan of your work.

Watch for literacy. Maybe the teacher will not lower the score for one mistake (if this is not a work in the Russian language), but if they are repeated often, the impression will be spoiled, and you cannot avoid sanctions.

Making mistakes. Everything that is connected with flaws in the design of your work belongs here. Remember that there are criteria for evaluating an essay, which includes rules for the design. Do not worry about the design before your composition is ready. The finished text (and the title page, if required) can be designed according to the model. In the main part it is not forbidden to use illustrations, but only revealing the content.

The criteria for evaluating the essay spelled out all the relevant requirements. It is useful to familiarize yourself with this document so as not to sit in a puddle. Of course, it cannot be said that there are no specific assessment criteria, so some requirements must be observed. The content of the text is reflected in its structure.

The structure of the works of this type is classical: introduction, main part, conclusion. Such a structure is consistent with logic. Therefore, in the introduction, introduce the reader to the problem that you are going to reflect on, put him in the know. In the main part, you should outline your thought and back it up with two or three arguments. You can stop here and go to the conclusion. But in order for the essay to appear professionally done, you need to add one more part: the counter-opinion. A counter-opinion is the opposite of what you have proven before. It shows your awareness, how easily you navigate the problem. The counter-opinion also needs to be supported by arguments. After that, you should explain why this opinion is erroneous. And only after that, it is logical to complete the argument. With knowledge of how to write an essay, you can avoid common mistakes and create interesting and compelling work. It is easy enough to find a sample of writing an essay on the Internet, but you need to remember that not all freely available works are performed at a high level.